Well, what can we image what music be like without a touch of Madonna or Cyndi Lauper, the 80’s would have gone unnoticed as just another era. For the 80’s era, was not only shared by Kiss, the punks and Goths fashion, It is an golden era for Madonna and Cyndi Lauper that really stand out. I remembered well when my young uncle played the song, “Girls just wanna have fun” on the MTV, the song really stuck into my head for many weeks. I could sing it automatically when I was showering, when I am in my toilet and I even whispered it when I was in my library. For Madonna, she really have a class of her own. Songs from 80’s made her famous was Material Girl, which Madonna was not ashamed to portray herself as a material girl in the material world. Anyone would comment that 80’s will not be complete if you have not listen to Michael Jackson. People really worshiped his songs and all his swaggering moves. I was exposed to his music, when my uncle played it on MTV, which his famous song. “Beat it” really put him to stardom and the rest is history.

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