It used to be the case that the touring crew with a rock band would consist solely of men, particularly in the heavy metal world which is male-dominated. Thankfully, times have moved on and now there is nothing to stop women from taking on the role of a roadie. Of course, a certain fitness level is required, and a good sense of humor helps, and a willingness to join in the after-work socializing.

Learning the Ropes

Unless you have previously worked with a band and know how to set up the equipment for a gig, it will be a steep learning curve. There will be long days and nights, and you need to be comfortable at all times. The most sensible option will be to invest in bike shorts for women as they are very flexible and allow you to move freely without overheating or becoming too sweaty. If you look at the Aim’n website, they have a vast range of shorts in lots of different colors. You can even find snakeskin prints to match your new rock and roll lifestyle!

As a roadie, you will undoubtedly be expected to move heavy equipment, and don’t expect any favors from the men; you will have to prove that you are capable of the job. Ideally, you should make time for frequent workouts at the gym to build up your strength. You can wear your bike shorts for women as you are lifting weights and then go straight to work afterward without needing to get changed.

Being One of the Boys

You will no doubt already be aware that there is a very male culture when it comes to life on the road with a rock band. This lifestyle is notorious for heavy drinking, and if that’s not something you enjoy, then you may struggle to fit in and be seen as one of the boys. However, if you join in the banter and make it clear that you are not offended by the other roadie’s behavior, then you should be accepted and welcomed into the gang.

The Perks of the Job

It is to be hoped that you enjoy the music of the band that you are working with, as being able to see them live every night is one of the perks of being a roadie! No more paying for tickets, and of course, if they are appearing at a festival, you get to see lots of other bands too. Not having to dress up for work is also a benefit, and you can hang around in your bike shorts for women all day if you wish, for the ultimate in comfort, as you enjoy being a female roadie.

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