Touring is the primary source of income for musicians, and the need to keep healthy while on the road should be a priority. Touring is not only a way to receive money; it can increase an artist’s popularity and be an exhilarating experience for them. However, touring can be extremely tough on the mind and body and needs to be counteracted with a healthy diet, exercise, plenty of water, and getting enough sleep. Dancing on stage is a great form of exercise, beneficial for body and mind. Female artists would do well to wear sports bras to ensure that they do not damage their sensitive breast tissue.

Sports Bras

A way to support and protect breasts while dancing or during workouts is to wear sports bras. They are comfortable and made from breathable, stretchy fabrics that repel moisture to keep the wearer dry. The flexible material will allow full movement, allowing artists to dance in any way they desire. Sports bras are stylish enough to be worn as outer garments and comfortable enough to be worn all day (or night) long. They are available in a range of models and styles, with sizes to fit even the most voluptuous woman.

Diet and Exercise

Many famous female singers take diet and exercise very seriously in their everyday lives and also when on tour. Keeping fit and having a healthy diet helps artists to cope with their grueling schedules to give fans their best performances. Artists such as Beyonce, Selena Gomez, Lady Gaga, Pink, and Jennifer Lopez (to name a few) eat healthy, organic foods and tank up on high-protein smoothies. They all have their own fitness routines that they do while on tour, even exercising to warm up before performing on stage. Carrie Underwood even has a purpose-built exercise trailer that she takes on tour with her.

Lots of Water and Adequate Sleep

Everyone knows that drinking adequate amounts of water is a key to good health, but this is probably more critical to singers in particular. Apart from keeping an artist hydrated, water is essential for vocal health. It helps to lubricate the vocal cords, protecting them from injury. Getting enough sleep is also crucial to an artist’s wellbeing and performance on stage. Some artists practice yoga or meditation as a way to unwind after a show or take power naps in the day.

Mental Health

Following all the above recommendations will go a long way to helping to keep an artist mentally healthy; remember, ‘healthy body, healthy mind.’ Other things an artist can do is to have supportive people on hand and to seek help if they need it rather than turning to alcohol and drugs.

Keeping healthy while on the road is essential not just for an artist’s personal health but also for their performance’s sake and ultimately their career as a whole.

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