Long gone are the days when you could simply release a record, and it would hit the charts with little promotion. Today, it’s all about social media and music videos. The rise of YouTube and Instagram makes it easier than ever to create a video and upload it in seconds for the world to consume immediately. But, of course, the right video can go viral and attract millions of visitors, and this is where you need to consider the style of the production.

Match the Video to the Music

The style of the video will pretty much be dedicated by the genre of the music. Country music will typically have a video set outdoors, and heavy metal is usually accompanied by somewhat tragic scenes. Hip hop and RnB stars are often seen as having a more glamorous type of lifestyle, and their videos should reflect this. They could be set in a modern penthouse apartment, and a Soderhamn sofa cover would add the ultimate finishing touch.

Style Savvy Interior Design

Many people could be forgiven for not even knowing about the IKEA Soderhamn sofa. Still, it’s long been a favorite of interior designers. With a sleek, modern look, it would be ideal for a great music video depicting a luxury lifestyle. A selection of Soderhamn sofa covers can be obtained from the Bemz website, meaning the video producer could change the look of the scene as often as they wanted.

Getting It Right

It is to be expected that a music video takes several days to complete. It’s a long and tiring process, and the set needs to be continually refreshed so as not to reveal any stains or dirt that accumulates over time. The affordable range of Soderhamn sofa covers from Bemz means that a ready supply can be at hand to replace any materials that require cleaning. It can actually be several weeks before a music video is ready to be launched.

Styling a music video is a fun and rewarding career but requires someone with an eye for detail and a knowledge of the latest trends!

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