Any musician will tell you that having a space you can comfortably create music in is important. A music room is crucial for making good music, and it doesn’t need to be anything too fancy either -c with many prominent bands starting out rehearsing in their garage. The biggest factor here is having a space where you can feel free to express your musical creativity without too much interruption and without disturbing the neighbours either. Here are some tips for creating a music room you can jam out in.


Most music rooms used for rehearsal or recording will require some level of soundproofing. This isn’t just important for keeping things quiet for any neighbours, but can also improve the sound quality of any recordings. There’s nothing worse than recording a piece you’re working on, only to listen back and discover a car alarm could be heard in the background. Professional soundproofing can certainly be a worthwhile (though pricey) investment, but other things you could do more affordably include padding the walls with soft fabrics and foams which help absorb any sound. Be careful to research effective soundproofing before starting to install anything.


A music room should allow you to feel comfortable and relaxed, whilst also promoting creativity. Choose colours that you personally like for the walls, and use carpets on the floors to create that warmer atmosphere and also help with the soundproofing. Select some paintings or pictures of your favourite musicians and bands for the walls – providing inspiration when you need it and reminding you of the things and people that inspire your personal sound. Plants can be a good addition to a music room too, bringing some of the outdoors into the room and helping relieve any stuffy atmosphere. The plant care app Planta makes taking care of plants easy too, ensuring any plants are well looked after and always look their best.

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