What do you think comprises the vocal music? Well it simple music about singing. When you think of Vocal music, what struck you in you mind is none other than “The sound of music”. I really happened to love this song. I remembered very well when my aunt was outside the cinema still contemplating whether to purchase the ticket, I was literally pulling her hands to get in. The movie which I love to watch with a lot of vocal songs is none other than “The Sound of Music” I was totally mesmerized when a nun, without her usual habit ran across the meadows and when she burst out her famous line ‘The hills are alive..” I looked up the scenery. It seemed to me as thought nature has blended with the song. I truly loved every song till the last drop. Roger Hammerstein really know how to put it nicely in the silver screen. After the movie, I truly went wild and feverish with “The Sound Of Music” I don’t get enough of it. In my quite time, I will usually hum my favorite tune “The hills are alive” When I got to my native Penang hills I could see some nice clouds hovering in the hills early in the morning, I would think of the Swiss Alps and belch the song the “Hills are alive…” Due to my love for the vocal music, I took up the choir in the Church. I went for the test. When the time came to called me in, I went for the test and I aced it well. I was in for the choir for the next 7 years.

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