All good things must come to an end. In all the chapters, we have witnessed how music has transformed from the humble thigh bones played by the ancients, to the refined Erhu and to be played by a virtuoso Violinist. Music also survived through many turbulent eras. The two great wars did not extinguished the human interest on music. Instead, music is further refined into multiple genres like Oldies, 80’s to current trend. I have a feeling that Vocal Music will outlast them all. Here is my theory.

Portability Factor

Vocal music could be anywhere around your area even around the world as compared with musicians that have to carry a lot of equipment. There are a lot of time needed to setup the equipment, test for sound check and they have to re-pack them. Vocal musicians will just back their clothes and off they go.

Cost Factor

Voice cost them nothing perhaps only the musicians have to spent a bomb just to insured their vocal chords. Look at Mariah Carey who insured her voice for a obscenely price tag of 35 Million USD! Well that does not cover the cost for her band of musicians and all the equipment they have to carry along when during concert tours.

Creativity Factor

You know how well music can be formed from sound. If it is produced by an instrument, then the sound it bound by the instrument. If it is by the vocal chord, there is a myriad of sounds can be produced. Sounds like the humming, buzzing, puckering, clicking and many more to suit each category and each scenes. If you have listened to the Pentatonix A cappella group, you would have detected on how well the make multiple sounds using their mouths.

So in short, if you do not know how to play a musical instrument, don’t fret. A little hum and a little sound could produce a melodious music to nourish your soul.

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