Finding a song for your video can be a daunting task. You need to define the role of music in your creative work by finding a suitable genre whilst also avoiding copyright issues. Finding music for your videos doesn’t always have to be difficult, or expensive, however.

Here is how you can to get free music for videos:

Getting Past Copyright Issues

Anybody who has been in the creative industry knows how serious copyright can be. The slightest infringement can land you in serious legal trouble. And that’s why you need to make creative commons your only option.

Let me explain.

Creative Commons is a system that allows artists to share rights to their content. For instance, musicians can use this license to allow people to share, download, and create copies of their songs. This music is then uploaded on sites such as, where anyone can use it.

Know Your Limits

Unfortunately, you can’t do anything you want with CC-licensed music. And it’s easy to see why. People have a history of taking advantage of free stuff, and that can hurt musicians. As a result, there is a provision for artists to tweak limitations to their music at will. So you might want to double-check the details of a CC-licence before getting too excited.

Above all, stay away from music that is under a No Derivative Works License. It means the musician does not want anybody to change, transform, or create a derivative work with their song. Using this music will guarantee you a copyright strike.

The Bottom Line?

Generally, don’t mess with protected content. No matter how well the song compliments your video, using it will result in problems. Stick to the above advice and also remember to credit the musician at the end of the video.

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