The first time I heard an opera music when I sneaked into my uncle’s room. I was curious of the tapes nicely placed in the box. I opened it up. It was Mozart. I put the cassette into the sound system and the sound that produced from the speakers make me stop from doing anything. I just lay by at the pillow and listen the music until it needs to flipped over or been discovered by my uncle. Mozart did a wonder job by writing operas not only once but 22 of them. The second time when I encountered another Opera music, would be when I was 16 years old and I had a surgery and I had to be confined into a room. My father came up an ingenious way to ward off my boredom. He put a television with a VCR into my room. The tape I am watching was Mrs Doubtfire. In the beginning of the movie, there was an opera called Figaro from Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro. Operas are usually sung in foreign languages like German, French, in Italian and rarely in English. I heard another opera play which I adore the most is Phantom of the Opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber. However the opera ended tragically.

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