Another genre that uses a lot of vocal music is none other that Christmas Songs. I really do enjoy Christmas song as it puts your heart in the mood and I could do anything when the song was played. I used to compile all the nice Christmas songs into my playlist and blared them out in loud speakers when I have a do a heavy duty tasks like, cleaning the toilet, spruce up the yard and tidy up my year old cluttered room. Without this heavenly music like “Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas” and Merry Christmas, I will find my workload to be a burden. It is like carrying a large stone and I have to drag it. By listening to Christmas songs, I am putting the stone on wheels and I am just rolling over it instead of dragging it. I will tell you, when Christmas song is played, everyone hearts will leap with joy as everyone will be full of anticipation for many surprises. Christmas songs really sets the mood, uplifts your spirit gives you extra strength to undertake any challenges set before you.

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