In short, the year of 2000s belong to only 2 girls. Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera. Surprisingly both of them are innocently bought up by Disney. But they don’t remained well in the Disney Club. Certainly they have traded their Mickey Mouse hat for a microphone and a pair of bra and thongs. In the early 90’s Britney Spear music sounded so nice and innocently like “Sometimes”. As time move on, it rolled into “Oops I did it again” and later rumbled into “Toxic”. Her life is definitely toxic. When she made it in her teens we wish that she remained that way until she got married and got married again to dancer who happened be a father of someone child. When she got married with a married man, her life when into topsy turvy. And she depict it very well in her songs like “Oops I did it again” and “Toxic”. Her arch rival did not fare better. We all though Christina Aguilera would not be like Britney Spears. She start with an inspiring song “Beautiful” to help us to appreciate our inner beauty. Later she move on to “What a girl wants” music. Her intention was clearly known when her music about “Lady Marmalade” because she really wants the audience approval and to prove she was far better than Britney Spears. She did not fare any better. Her life also went spirally down from a bitter divorce and her song genre suddenly move towards on adultery like “Hurt”, “Ain’t no other man”, “Candyman” Since she was been cheated by her boyfriend, she turned herself into an enchantress as her songs like “Genie in a bottle”, “Bound For You” and “Come on Over” which most targeted for men

Boy Band in 2000’s Genre

There was again an explosion of boy bands like One Direction, NSync, Back Street boys and Jonas Brothers and Hansons. The Hansons are different as they play the music which is different from others like Mmmbop which really a refreshing song from the rest which is mostly on girl boy rivalries. Like boys, when they grow up, the band gets disbanded when someone gets married with families, some heated argument or they just break up as they notice their fame has waned off. It is so sad on how the music industry cause the boy band to break up. I too felt sorry for them.

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