If you are seeking for solace or a consolation of your worries, look not further than the traditional Chinese instrument which we called the Erhu. Basically the Erhu is like the ancient violin in Chinese style. Unlike the violin with as short neck, the Erhu has long neck and no finger boarding. Another notable difference is that the Erhu has only 2 strings. With long neck, the player could deliver multiple octaves of notes using the bow made from the horse hair. The bow is wedge between 2 stings of the Erhu. Famous musical songs generated from Erhu is none other than The Vow. The Vow only consists of a piano player and the Erhu. Basically the piano acts like a filler in the background and the Erhu is the supreme player. When the play started, a melancholy tune is churned. In the middle part, it grew louder with a crescendo and ended with the stunning note. The Erhu musical instruments can be played alone. Since it is also very portable, people of China often use them when basking in the streets for a decent earning.

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