Dough, Moolah, revenue, income, royalties, blah blah – there are lots of words by which money is referred to. And while some religious people would tell you that money is not everything, it is everything for most of us who are secular. When it comes to music, whether secular or gospel, artists need money to keep going. In fact, I’m yet to meet one music artist who does their staff on probono terms. Yes, most musicians will tell you that they don’t do music for money when they actually mean the exact opposite deep inside them; fact. So what are some of the ways that musicians explore in the corporate world to ensure that their music brings in the so-called Moolah? Read below.


Musicians have always been influential figures since time immemorial, and they have a huge opportunity to earn lots of money from this influence. One of the ways they can use their influence this way is to endorse certain products, and we have seen them do this – it has worked. Once they have amassed a huge following and they have become popular, many firms work so hard to get them endorse their products for money. For example verso super facial serum seller/producer may approach the musician to strike an endorsement deal with them. When the fans see their favorite musician endorsing such a product, they get the conviction that it is the real deal, and they flock stores to buy it. As the seller gets more sales, the musician’s wallet swells too.

Live Performances at Corporate Events

Music artists can earn lots of money when they are invited to perform at corporate events. Before they accept the invitation, they have to ask for compensation. I couldn’t believe that Chris Brown earned approximately $1000 per minute when he was invited to perform in Kenya for 1 hour 30 min. If a company such as Verso Skincare were to invite a musian during their annual general meeting, for instance, that would be a huge opportunity for the artist to make money. That is how lucrative live performances are.

Encourage their Staff to Buy Musician’s CDs

Wait a minute, do CDs still have life? Good question. The answer is yes. While they may not be fashionable nowadays due to advances in technology, CDs still generate a lot of income for many music artists, especially upcoming figures. This is because millions of music listeners out their still have CD players in their homes, let alone the fact that these electronic equipment are still in sellers’ stores. Thus, Verso Skincare can boost a musicians encouraging their staff to buy the music. Just imagine if each of the employees was to buy a CD from a musician. That would be a real boost.

Background Music in Adverts

The advertisement world has evolved in a matter that one would not have imagined 10 years ago. It would be a costly mistake for a business such as Verso Skincare to turn a blind eye to this evolution. Using a background music in their adverts could be a good way to promote the music onwner while, at the same time, capturing the attention of potential customers.

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